Experienced Elixir Developers

Looking for experienced developers for your Elixir/Phoenix Project?

CivilCode is a team of business software developers with expertise in web applications, process automation, and complex workflows. We develop custom applications that solve complex business process problems. We've worked with businesses to develop platforms using Elixir for large e-commerce systems, wealth management applications, and collaboration workflow automation.

Nicholas Henry (co-founder) hosting Montreal Elixir at Shopify.

How we can help

Develop your next Application

Our collective of freelance developers can completely implement your application. We use test-driven development, pair-programming and peer reviews throughout the development process.

Augment your existing development team

We can work with your existing team to develop features and follow your development protocols.

Help train and mentor your developers

If your team is new to Elixir, we can help train your team and mentor them in developing with Elixir in an idiomatic fashion.

We’re active in the local Montréal-based and worldwide Elixir communities.

Our Elixir Advocacy

Meetups in Montréal

You’ll frequently see us organizing and running Elixir gatherings in Montréal. CivilCode founded the Montreal Elixir Meetup, and we meet regularly.


Check out montrealelixir.ca for links to our Meetup group, Elixir YouTube videos, and Twitter updates. The site was created using a simple Phoenix web application. It’s open source and maintained by the community, providing a great example for newcomers to the language.


We have also sponsored ElixirForum, a global forum where you can ask questions and discuss the programming language. Checkout our Sponsor Spotlight to learn more about how CivilCode came to be.

Popular presentations from our collective

ExCheckout: An Experiment with Nerves and Scenic

As an experiment, we created a basic distributed checkout system with a barcode reader on our way back from ElixirConf to Montreal with Nerves and Scenic.

Break it or lose it! A refactoring journey

Some tips and tricks on how to refactoring a complex Elixir function.

Adding a Twitter Timeline to montrealelixir.ca, the Elixir way

Twitter provides helpful widgets that you can embed on your website. But we can have more control by using OTP, web sockets and the Twitter API. Let's go through the process of adding to montrealelixir.ca a list of the latest tweets, the Elixir way!

Building the Montreal Elixir Community

At the inaugural event, Nicholas introduces the Montreal Elixir meet-up outlining the vision for the group and how you can contribute.

Our collective can help you accelerate your adoption of Elixir.

About us

CivilCode in Montreal develops custom software that solve complex business process problems. By designing technical solutions, CivilCode optimizes the specialized operations that unique businesses use to grow and thrive. The CivilCode Collective includes experienced freelance business software developers with expertise in web applications, process automation, and complex workflows.

Located in Montreal, Canada, we’ve worked with clients locally, the United States, and the United Kingdom.