Custom software development

Customers choose your business because you do things differently

Does your software support your unique business processes? We help businesses grow and thrive by developing custom applications designed for how you work.

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With well-designed custom software, you will:

  • provide necessary functions so everyone uses the system without workarounds
  • improve efficiency, freeing employees to stay in a highly productive, focused zone
  • have control over which features are added to support your latest tactics

Our Montreal collective includes experienced freelance business software developers with expertise in web applications, process automation, and complex workflows. We’ve developed web-based solutions for a range of specialized operations including the healthcare industry, finance, and large-scale e-commerce platforms.

How we do it

First, we listen

We have an intensive discovery process where we’ll ask what your business objectives are and what processes you use. We want to hear about your problems. Sometimes, the true issue reveals itself as something other than the original problem.

Next, we get to work

Our specialty is solving your process problems using business modeling to form technical solutions. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that identifies priorities and provides a phased delivery schedule so you’ll see value right away.

Then, we stay with you

We build software to be sustainable, meaning it grows and evolves with your business. As your software development partners, we not only provide support, we add features and functionality as your business needs change.

Our technology stack / Concurrent, Distributed and Fault-tolerant


We build your application with ​Elixir​, a modern programming language powered by ​Erlang​, a 30-year-old platform known for concurrency, distribution, and fault tolerance. We advocate for the Elixir programming language through the ​Montreal Elixir​ meet-up in which we are the event organizer and co-sponsor.


A productive web framework, Phoenix powered by Elixir, enables us to develop interactive business solutions using the framework's real-time streaming technology. Backed by Erlang's virtual machine, Phoenix can handle millions of connections ready, to scale your resource-intensive platforms.


To complete our stack of open-source technologies, we confidently store your data in ​PostgreSQL​, known as the world’s most advanced open-source relational database. ​Metabase​ is an excellent complement to a relational database allowing for ad-hoc reporting and custom dashboards.

Whether you want to use Elixir for your project, need to augment your team, or looking for mentoring, we can help.

Case Study / Proprietary organizational tool enhances creativity and supports increased workflow for growing music agency

Circonflex is an award-winning music agency that creates, publishes, licenses and produces original music for television, advertising agencies, and the film industry. As Circonflex accumulated more tracks, searching for them was becoming increasingly difficult since they were stored in various folders without a centralized searchable database. They needed a way to quickly find all music, whether it was from a week ago or from several years ago.

Storing and sharing large music files was cumbersome, requiring the use of third-party cloud storage solutions and link-sharing services. Circonflex wanted to work with more artists and collaborators, and needed a more streamlined workflow to easily scale up their operations and focus on producing music instead of managing files.

Discover how we developed a personalized, unique experience tailored for their business.

We take pride in crafting software that adds value over its lifetime, with flexibility and expandability planned in from the start.

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About us

CivilCode in Montreal develops custom software that solve complex business process problems. By designing technical solutions, CivilCode optimizes the specialized operations that unique businesses use to grow and thrive. The CivilCode Collective includes experienced freelance business software developers with expertise in web applications, process automation, and complex workflows.

Located in Montreal, Canada, we’ve worked with clients locally, the United States, and the United Kingdom.